Monday, February 18, 2008

A Weekend of Poker

I learn more about poker each time I play. Over the weekend, I played around 15 tournaments, some satellites and a few SNGs. I usually get my money in with the best of it, but I seem to suffer 2-,3-and 5-out syndrome on the turn and river. It's tough. I'm getting good as just accepting my fate and moving on, though at times it's hard. One thing I notice about my play is I don't fear getting knocked out on the bubble. I'll go for something when I feel someone's making a play at me. I play almost exclusively at PokerStars. Lots of tournaments, good players and and lots of good deals. I won $300 in a 10,000 FPP tournament that had $2 million in payouts. I like that. First prize was $200K. I got knocked out with 99 v AK. A king on the turn. Oh well. That's poker. I felt I played pretty well over the weekend. I didn't make too many mistakes, and many of the hands played themselves. I'm still waiting for a sizeable win. Hasn't really happened yet.

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