Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Weekend

For a lowkey weekend, Alice and I ended up doing quite a bit.  I played in a morning doubles tournament Saturday at San Ramon and ate too many slices of pizza afterward.  That evening, the morning racquetball crew got together with our better halves at Steve B.'s and tore it up all evening long with some truly wonderful conversation and delicious food at Dona Tomas.  What a great group of guys.  Steve has an actual Defender machine in his garage circa 1980.  The sound effects alone make me want one.  He also has a foosball table, so we played two games before calling it a night.

Now onto the week ahead and revisions to our Deja Bride script Chris and I wrote before Julia Milan.  After that, we'll finish up the Julia Milan adaptation, then revisit Retro Therapy.  Lots to keep me busy while waiting for first round submissions.

On Jeni Craswell's Facebook wall, this hit my funny bone:


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