Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  Took the day off and spent all day with Alice.  We went to Arizmendi for my sweet Sallie, Peet's for Golden Dragon Oolong tea, Chinatown in Oakland for dim sum, afterwhich Alice bought me a hot water container just like hers for tea.  We then went to AMC and saw "Moneyball," which had been on my list the past few weeks.

I enjoyed this lowkey film very much.  In many ways it reminded me of All the President's Men.  The emotional range was fairly neutral, except perhaps for the tossing of a gatoraid container.  Alice and I enjoyed it.  After the film, we picked up Austin in San Francisco and went to Barney's for dinner.  Then we went home and watched Gosford Park on Netflix.  A very relaxing, enjoyable birthday indeed!


Barb said...

YESTERDAY! I wasn't sure, but thought the 12th sounded right. Oh well - glad you had a good day!

Michael Hagan said...

Hi Barb! Thanks for checking in!