Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

I'm enjoying a very relaxing weekend with Alice, watching movies, reading, talking, and catching up on the phone with friends. On Friday night we saw Cowboys and Aliens at the Grand Lake Theatre with Richard and Lisa, Rhonda and Biff, Rossana and Daniel, Ari and Jake, and a couple of Ari's friends. The movie was cheesy fun. Last night, Alice and I took Sharon and Austin to dinner, then they saw Cowboys and Aliens and we saw Crazy Stupid Love. The second half of the film was surprisingly good and contained a few nice twists that I hadn't expected. There were also some funny lines and situations, a rarity these days from a romantic comedy. Steve Carell has never been better.

I'm 150 pages into A Discovery of Witches. I'm not a big vampire romance reader, and also don't care for books written with the best of intentions but aren't anywhere near the the kind of quality craftsmanship that comes from the best fiction writers out there. The scenes feel too long and laborious for me, but it's a quick read and the characters are interesting, even though one of them is a witch and the other a vampire. The book's been optioned by Warner Bros. So Deborah and Sam are doing something right.

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