Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I woke up at 5 and made it to my spinning class at 6. This was my first moment of exercise in over a month. My body thanked me for the workout and surprisingly I'm in no pain. I downloaded a workout app on my iPad and iPhone called Workout Trainer. It includes lots of videos and workout routines for specific parts of the body. I plan to work on my midsection, which has been carrying surrounded by an innertube all year. It's gross! Gotta get that body back to where it used to be!

Can't wait for the racquetball camp in two weeks. I hope I'm signed up. I haven't received a receipt or heard anything yet.

With the first book of Julia Milan in pretty good shape, my thoughts are now on book 2. The history scenes will take place between December 1940 and April 1941. Julia's grandfather, Howard Milan, will be a major character. So will Jonas, only he'll be five years older and just as passionate about his feelings as he was at the podium.

Anne and her family will be the focus of book 2. I don't know the story yet, but I'm working on it. Back home, Julia's other grandparents, Katrina and Marv from Florida, will make their appearance. I've had readers ask why Mara's so mean to Julia. When they meet Katrina, they'll wonder why she wasn't meaner. Katrina would have made an outstanding Lady Macbeth had she ever entertained thoughts of seeing Marv as king. There's a reason why they called her hurricane Kat long before the real thing that hit New Orleans. I can't wait to write those scenes.

I have so many things to read, watch, email, set up and accomplish. The list never ends.

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