Friday, December 3, 2010

Club One Doubles Tournament Tomorrow

Dorian and I aren't in great shape for tomorrow's tournament. Dorian really hasn't played in months and he's a little rusty. His knee has been an issue all season. This may be our last tournament together (how sad). He'll give me his all, but I'm not feeling too confident about our chances. I do believe we're in the easier division, however, avoiding Scott/Tyler and Steve/Tyrone. Ron and X are always tough in tournaments, and this was where we lost out last time. They're, but X makes lots of mistakes, especially when the ball is high. We usually have Tiger and Glenn's number on tournament day, but it's possible they'll crank it up. We'll see how things go.

Next weekend I'll be playing in the Toys for Tots tournament in San Ramon. Gerry Price, Angela Grisar, and Cliff Swain will be playing. Such be a great time. I'm playing with Ron Souza, a great player from the South Bay. We're playing with a bunch of other great players, so it should be lots of fun.

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