Thursday, August 19, 2010

Singles Finals, Ink Pop, Agent Queries

I'm in the finals and will face either Steve or Tyrone next Wednesday or Thursday night. T and Steve play tomorrow morning at 6. I can't wait to watch this match. It should be fantastic. I've been practicing certain shots every day. I really want the title this season. If I win, I'll have gone undefeated...sweet!

I posted Julia Milan on InkPop for the month to see what sort of feedback I might get. I read a few pages of someone's story and I thought there was a lot of good writing in it. Some spots made me laugh. I remember what my stories were like when I was 18. Wow.

My latest query has generated results...2 fulls and 2 partials from 14 queries submitted last week. I'll take those results any day.

Work is killing me. And I haven't played any poker in I don't know how long...

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