Sunday, August 8, 2010

I finished this book a few minutes ago. I loved the beginning, but the quirkiness started to annoy me. By the end, I was just ho-hum. I didn't love it the way I thought I would. But I can see why critics love this sort of book. It's certainly unique. I love how Rebecca Stead uses the $20,000 Pyramid in this story. So what if kids don't get the references, they aren't voting for the Newbery winner.

Kathryn Kim came to visit this weekend. We went to Zachery's for dinner tonight before I dropped her off at the Oakland Airport. It was fun talking about 6th grade with her. So many great stories.

This week I'll hit the queries hard again. It's back to the drawing board, with nos all around. Talk about annoying.

Speaking of, I'm watching the latest Woody Allen film, Whatever Works, on DVD. This film doesn't. Wow, when Woody Allen is off, he is way off. His obsessions are so ugly and tedious, and this from a devoted fan. The 20-something waif hooking up with Larry David? Are you kidding me? Doesn't Woody Allen get that it's beyond ridiculous that he's still writing about this? Doesn't he get how much of a parody he has become of himself? If this ever happens to me in old age, for the love of God, please pull my plug!

The sad thing is I'm only 45 minutes into the movie. And because I'm such a Woody fan, I'll have to watch the second half. Oy vey!

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