Monday, July 19, 2010

A busy weekend

I usually like to rest and give myself plenty of downtime over the weekend, but this past weekend was filled with activities. On Saturday, Byron and I played in a doubles shootout at the Big C. We won our five-team bracket 4-0 without giving up a single game, but lost in the semis to the team that eventually won the tournament. We lost in the tiebreaker 8-11. Byron and I played well. It was a lot of fun and Steve Cook and Larry Steiner hosted another great event. The BBQ at lunch was yummy.

On Sunday, Neil, Rossana and I took Arianne out to lunch for her graduation. We went to 4th Street in Berkeley, ate at Spenger's, then walked around the street in search of a nice necklace. We didn't find one, so Ari will be on the lookout for one before she leaves for UCLA.

In the afternoon, Richard, Lisa and I headed into SF to see Heather's latest short, a film called Omakase, about a young sushi apprentice who falls for the boss's niece. It was well done and beautifully shot. Heather's very talented. There's a sweet poignancy to her work.

By the time I arrived home last night, I was wiped out. I slept from 10-7. I feel good today. I didn't play racquetball this morning, but I'll be ready on Wednesday. I hope work isnt' too busy this week so I can catch up on all the reading I need to complete. I'd also like to send out another batch of queries.

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