Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Day Like Today

10 pm all ready? The days go so quickly and yet I feel as though I barely got anything accomplished. I have ten new to-do list items on my Julia Milan action page, along with a laundry list of racquetball items to cover before Friday's match against Tyrone. Earlier this morning I thought Kathryn was visiting from Seattle, but she's not arriving until August. Good thing, because my apt. is one chaotic sty. Even the dog's giving me looks. If there's one thing I've learned about the book publishing business this year, it's the amount of romance fiction out there. Holy cow. Who's reading all those romances? Are they any good? I'm not sure what there are more of, published writers or used cars. It's overwhelming. I've heard nothing from the 7 queries I sent two weeks ago. I'm supposed to send out another batch, but I'm not getting the kind of leads I found last week with Elana Roth. I want more agents like her. Where are they? I wish the research went more quickly. I wish everything went more quickly, everything except my life.

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