Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cleaning Laptops

I'm in a research study on the effects of cholesterol when eating a high-protein diet. The study is 12 weeks long. I'm given food and $1,400 to participate (that pays for my ticket to China in September). Today was one of three days in which I had to spend at the research facility for over 8 hours. They extracted some fat cells from my side and took about 12 tubes of blood from my arm. I wasn't able to get online and that was a real drag. Had I been able to play poker all day the time would have flown by. Instead, I organized the files in my laptop. They better have the wireless thing figured out the next time I'm there or else.

I did take a look at some old tournaments I had played. I reviewed the Party Poker tourney in which I won a WSOP Main Event seat. I sure was lucky in that one. 3,500 poker players were competing for 14 spots. My favorite luck-out hand was my KQ against AK on the J379T board. I still remember that ten hitting on the river, doubling me up to 640K. Sweet. The tourney took 505 hands to play. I've played very few tournaments in which I've played more than 500 hands. I usually last only around 150 hands or so.

My cash game results at Stars have really improved since reading "How To Beat Tough Hold'em Games." The book is simply fantastic. I'm much more aggressive stealing blinds and defending from steals. This has made a big difference in my ROI for the month. Last weekend I won a seat in this week's Supernova VIP freeroll, so that makes me happy. What a great tourney for free!
On Thursday I'm going out with Becky, a woman I haven't seen in over a year. I reconnected with her a few weeks ago. Of all the women I'd met dating, we had more in common. It's just fun hanging out with her and hearing her take on things. I'm looking forward to Thursday. Should be fun.

I talked with Kevin last night for about 2 hours. Lots going on in my group. Aside from Jeff and Laura's marriage crumbling, Kevin has acknowledged he has feelings for Will, a former student who has the same wry sense of humor. I couldn't be happier. They make a great couple. I really like Will. He's going off to Cornell in the fall, so he and Kevin will be long distancing for a while. That might not be so bad, actually.

While in the research center today, I looked over some old pictures of me and Linda. Our train trip will be 7 years ago this December. That was such a good trip. I miss Linda sometimes. She had her wonderful qualities.

I also read half of the latest screenplay Jim recently finished, his first romantic comedy. It's well written, but I haven't laughed out loud yet. That's a problem I think.

Erie St. Theatre this Sat. night. Showing will be "Planet Terror" and "Fido" two zombie flicks that sound sure to place the Erie St. regulars.

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