Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fight the Power!

Today, I started a new novel, a satire of sorts, because sometimes satire is the best weapon writers have.  It’s called AmeriMania and it’s about a middle school kid named Jake who is empathetic and kind, which is a really big problem in a country run by “Socios.”  Here’s the first paragraph:

“Jake sat inside the principal’s office, studying a portrait of his country’s current president, a shiny black building in the shape of a thick bullet, known by everyone as the Homeland Corporation.  President Homeland Corporation was the only president Jake knew.  He was too young to remember the last one, President Yummy Food Industries....”

What’s so startling (and heartbreaking) about this project is that it will write itself.  Time to channel Dr. Strangelove and all the forces of literature to fight against one of the most selfish, fear-based, hypocritical, sick and twisted, depressing and demoralizing periods in America’s history.  Not that any of this will matter, but at least I’ll get some of the angst out of my system.