Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Got Your Back, Obama!

I'm in a GREAT mood today.  Really great mood.  Last night played out close to how I had envisioned back when I was watching the Republican Primaries last September 2011.  Team Obama is simply one of the most incredible political machines in American political history.  They played this game like clock work, running a campaign that exploited every weakness of their opponent and getting their voters to the voting booth.  It was amazing.  To have the race and Ohio called for the president at 8:15 p.m. Pacific Standard Time is a testament to the trouble the GOP faces in future presidential elections.  They have a serious problem with their party.  Every one of those Republican Primary debates from last year is still on the internet for voters to listen to.  That's where Romney lost the election when he made the decision to become the severely conservative candidate who chose to go to the far right of everyone on immigration and women's rights.  Romney gave an appropriate and moving consolation speech last night.  It seemed genuine and heartfelt.  I wish him well in private life.  I'm so ready to move forward with our re-elected president and the rest of the country.  Fired up, ready to go!  Great call last night, America!  It's why this country rocks!


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