Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011: Troll 3 - Head Shop

 Our Eerie St. Halloween 2011 performance was a huge hit again this year.  This year's theme was Head Shop:  Troll 3:  Here's Richard Young's recap:

"As I packed up yesterday I kept remembering all of the different things that everybody contributed and how much of a team project this is! All the little details matter so much.

Brandon outdid himself on the art work and set the horror comic scene for the whole event. He got the idea, dug thru the source artwork and two days later had completed the piece!

Neil made a special last minute make-up run for the real good stuff and brought extra, very valuable heads that were the final touch on the set. Not to mention the fact that he came to Oakland just for Halloween!

Rodney was called in for make-up duty and skull painting duty at the 11th hour and then got down to his usual wonderful ghastly guide duties! Teacher by day, ghoul by night (I think he was getting revenge...)

Rick and Michael were incredible leading men plus Rick brought killer chicken and Michael set us up with Zachary's pizza on rehearsal night. It just would not be the same without those two working off each other. In fact all the acting was really good this year. Are we becoming a real theater company?!?! (Rick, how did those handcuffs work out...?)

Rosanna took time from her very busy school schedule to come and be our gratuitous "sexy nurse" and give us our horror movie CRED. I was worried we would not get her on stage and then she turns up and steals the show. Violation! Rosanna also brought Daniel, who took great photos and video and generally made us all happy. What a great guy!

Headless Ray with the golden cello was just too cool and Robbin did a great job on the bloody stump costume! Ray was on call and answering medical questions while he was building his set. That's dedication! Ray also came thru with the killer projector so that we could project the art work. (In keeping with all my other tech failures in October, my ancient projector worked on Sunday and died on Monday.)

Trey and his buddies - Jared, Nathan, Nate, and Grace - were beautiful as heads and monsters and they did it under difficult, hot, uncomfortable circumstances. Heads off to the boys and girls of Oakland tech! I'm hoping this is the start of many more productions - at least until they all head off to college. Trey also did killer work decorating the troll. (Unwrapping and packing all the fabric, I found out just how heavy that thing was! His thighs were sore on Tuesday!)
Jared was crazy funny as the helicopter victim. It's easy to underestimate how good an effect will be when you are on stage but when I watched a snippet of video of Jared doing the arms behind his back it was truly crazy looking and very effective! Sometimes the simplest gimmicks are the best!
Margaret even made a debut on stage as one of the heads. (I think she liked it! Perhaps she'll be back for more now that she's had a little taste of Erie street fame!)"

Richard's recap was fantastic!  What a great night!

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