Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Full Tilt Implosion

I'm still shocked at the DOJ complaint I read yesterday about Full Tilt Poker and Board Members Howard "the Professor" Lederer and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson bilking online poker players for hundreds of millions of dollars. Why? I can't wait to hear their version of what happened. My guess is they will have plenty of time to tell their story. I can't imagine them not going to jail over this. The money's too huge. Epic! The professor and Jesus? It's like discovering Walter Cronkite wrote bad checks, that's how inconceivable this is. I loved playing on Full Tilt and loved Rush Poker. The Full Tilt commercials were so sophisticated and classy that the almost felt like cinema. They were black & white arthouse short shorts that totally captured the excitement, power, frustration and beauty of the best card gave ever invented besides bridge. How could this be? These are smart guys who already had it made. Why risk everything when the odds are such that were eventually going to get caught? Maybe Joan Rivers was right when she said told Annie Duke, Howard's sister, "Poker players are trash, darling. Trash!"

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