Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up and Down Week

This was a challenging week for me. My confidence was all over the place, up one day and really down the next. I confronted what I perceived to be inappropriate negative behavior at work, then felt bad about it afterward. I tend to go to the extreme when I'm not happy. I understand how out-of-balance I can sometimes behave, especially when my confidence is low. It impacts me in ways that keep me from functioning like a normal, healthy person. I used some of the tools I'm adopted, so I didn't stay low too long. I kept myself busy over the weekend and also rested. I watched "Date Night" this afternoon and wondered why it wasn't better when the beginning was so strong. The second and third acts were ridiculously contrived and silly. Really weak. So many comedies are weak these days. It's as if Hollywood has forgotten how to make a big splashy good film. I like Tina Fey. She's funny. I need to watch all episodes of 30 Rock. Gwen worked on my website this weekend and it looks really good. I hope to put it up when my book is picked up. I sent 15 queries out yesterday and today. The last month has been nothing but rejection. I've lost a lot of confidence in my story and that's not good at all. All I need is just one agent who sees the potential in this project. The full manuscript is still with three agents, but after the two prior rejections of my full I'm beginning to have doubts. I saw a good piece on Drew Brees on 60 Minutes. I love his attitude. Yesterday I played racquetball in a squash court with Spike. It was fun, though it's hard to hit the ball hard. The court feels crowded, but she had a good time. I made her run! I'm nearly finished with "Before I Fall." I love the writing. Great read. I'm very impressed. It's up there with Hunger Games as a really strong YA book. I need to put a list together, a YA Shelf of Fame. So far, I'd include three books, "The Hunger Games," "Before I Fall," and "The Other Side of Blue." All three books are fabulous.

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